with best of breed management capabilities, global expertise and top of the range infrastructure is best positioned to serve as your outsourcing Partner.

Our unique proposition are to
Improvise process efficiencies within agreed time
Your current business operations when outsourced and services by VINSTEL see value addition in terms of increased efficiencies. We change process workflows to increase productivity. Ensure downtimes are eliminated and business continuity is maintained at all times. We create centre of excellences for your services and processes.

Provide end-to-end Total Customer Solutions (TCS)
For Contact centre services and transaction processing we provide solutions to the overall process chain incidents irrespective of the problem areas. If the process outsourced to us encounters a flaw due to your customer behaviour or customer in-house infrastructure, we will suggest solutions to your customer's issues. This is TCS, improving efficiencies through extended management of incidents from end-to-end.

Sub-consciously LURE customers (Listen, Understand, Resolve - Every time)
Your customers are our customers; we listen hard and understand your customer's needs. We provide multiple solutions to singular issues. We always attempt to resolve all issues based on mutual respect for the customers we serve.
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